WP6 - Integrated SmartShip Framework

The major objective of WP6 is the integration and implementation of the SmartShip framework binding the maritime world with the ICT-oriented one towards a multi-layer optimization tool. To this end, the envisioned framework will be implemented aimed at combining (i) environmental issues and requirements, (ii) additional complementary requirements inserted by different stakeholders in the maritime field and (iii) challenges from off-the-edge technologies regarding advanced data analytics, decision support systems and optimization algorithms. Moreover, this WP aims at demonstrating the efficiency of the SmartShip framework through a pilot, based on the cooperation of (i) DANAOS, who will contribute with its fleet and expertise in the vessel management systems evaluation and (ii) the main technology providers (EPS, ITML, BLS) that have expertise in providing tools and services in the maritime sector.


  • Integration & Implementation
  • Validation
  • Pilot preliminary design and pre-pilot test
  • Main pilot test & evaluation

In the context of this WP two demonstrators will be developed and will be publicly available to the community and stakeholders.  

Upcoming WP.