SmartShip enhances the potential and future career prospects of the staff members

SmartShip fundamental goal is to bring together the ICT field, focusing on energy efficiency and emissions management within a Circular Economy concept for the maritime sector, thus, constitutes an interdisciplinary research initiative. As such, it will enhance the research skills of participants not only in a cross-sector way (academic vs non-academic), but also in a cross-domain way (ICT vs maritime), promoting knowledge in a threefold dimension spectrum, including CE principles. To do so, the project’s activities have been designed in such a way so as to leverage the full potential of all individuals involved, providing novel career perspectives in both, the ICT and the maritime sector.


SmartShip develops new and lasting research collaborations

SmartShip will establish strong networks through collaboration (i) between the beneficiaries of the project and (ii) with academic and non-academic entities that are interested to understand and exploit the SmartShip outcomes in the future. These networks and collaborations will be the outcome from both the secondments that will take place within SmartShip, and the networking and dissemination activities where other interested parties, outside the SmartShip consortium, may also participate. Within SmartShip, both inter-sectoral and international secondments are required and are planned in the various work packages. These secondments will create strong links between the academic institutions and the companies participating in the SmartShip project.


SmartShip achieves transfer of knowledge and contributes to improving research and innovation potential at the European and global level

While the shipping industry has a growing interest in utilizing ICT findings for various aspects, one very important of which is the use of data analytics and optimization tools in energy efficiency and pollution reduction considering CE principles, there is knowledge gained within the academic community that needs to be shared with the industry. Developing knowledge in these fields with leading Universities and other large enterprises and SMEs is the best way to accelerate this learning curve, sharing knowledge and state of art approaches to solving challenges that will certainly contribute to the fulfilment of the SmartShip vision.