Secondments completion from ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)

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ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)
ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)1
ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)2
ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)3
ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)4
ITML to TUBS (Dec 2022)5

Mrs Anna Maria Anaxagorou and Ms Miriam Bagni Siwale from ITML completed their secondments successfully at TUBS (Technische Universität Braunschweig).

Their secondments are linked with the work packages WP5 and WP6. “SmartShip Decision Support and multi-layer optimization module” for WP5, and WP6 comes with the “Integrated SmartShip framework, validation and piloting”. Both girls have successfully completed their indicated effort of their secondments (e.g., research, identification, reporting) by the end of December.

As SMARTSHIP now passes through the last year of the project (ending on March 2024), WP6 has been activated as we have the integration and the validation of the SMARTSHIP platform; Thus, pilot preliminary design and pre-pilot tests. ITML, is participating on T6.1 “Integration & Implementation”, T6.2 “Validation” and T6.4 “Main pilot test & evaluation”. Our secondee, Anna Maria, was working within Task 6.1 and her secondment had 3PM duration.

Moreover, our secondee Myriam, was working on Task 5.2 of SMARTSHIP Work Package 5. The task focused on “Decision support and optimization tools and technologies applied in the maritime industry” and ITML is participating by providing further research,  identification and reporting of any market-ready tool and technology already applied in the maritime industry, related to decision support systems and optimization tools in regard to energy efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions.

We thank our secondees for their devoted effort and for their secondment’s completion!