Secondments from ENPC to Bluesoft

Proud of the work Mrs Anastasia (Tassa) Vayona from CERC - Circular Economy Research Center is performing.

Horizon Results Booster

SmartShip has participated in the HRB: Research Dissemination Services.

ENPC secondment in DANAOS

Mrs Vlatka Katusic, EDBA(c), MBA, MSc from ENPC aka École des Ponts ParisTech started her secondment in March at Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd.

Secondment ENPC se ITML

Mrs Anastasia (Tassa) Vayona from ENPC aka École des Ponts ParisTech finished her secondment in June at ITML.

smartship workshop1

On the 27th of May 2021, SmartShip's Fotis Oikonomou, the project's coordinator and senior Researcher from Danaos Shipping, presented in a workshop

ENPC secondment in ITML

Mrs. Sofia Alexaki, from ENPC aka École des Ponts ParisTech completed her secondment in ITML from 15th of May 2021 until 14th of November 2021.