2nd Secondment from TUBS to ITML

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Date: December 2019

Venue: ITML, Greece

Dr. Tsantekidis Marinos has successfully completed his second month of the secondment from TUBS to ITML. Similar to his previous one, this secondment is also linked with Task 2.1: Requirements elicitation and analysis in which TUBS is closely cooperating with HUA and Danaos. Dr. Tsantekidis Marinos, specifically, worked on the deliverable "D2.1: SmartShip requirements analysis, scenarios and KPIs definition" that describes specific types of requirements essential for the design and development of the SmartShip framework. Moreover, the deliverable describes use cases of the framework, actors who will interact with the system and their roles. For each use case, user requirements are defined along with the methodology and the procedures with which requirements will be tracked and prioritized. This deliverable identifies marine market needs in energy efficiency, emissions control, vessel surveillance and how SmartShip contributes to the aforementioned fields.