Secondments completion from DANAOS to HUA (March & April 2023)

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Secondments DANAOS to HUA April2023
Secondments DANAOS to HUA April2023.1
Secondments DANAOS to HUA April2023.2
Secondments DANAOS to HUA April2023.3

It’s a pleasure that 2 secondees of DANAOS have completed successfully their secondments at Harokopio University within the previous month, April 2023! The secondees, Mrs. Artemis Flori and Mr. Dimitrios Kaklis have finished their secondments in HUA, which were linked with WP4 “Smartship Baseline framework: IoT and advanced data analytics” and WP6 “Integrated Smartship framework, validation and piloting”.

The secondment of Mrs Flori lasted for 2 months and was linked with T4.2 “IoT-based data analytics tools and technologies applied in the maritime industry”. Thus, it focuses on the research, identification and reporting of any market-ready tool and technology already applied in the maritime industry, related to IoT-based advanced data analytics. She worked on tracking relevant market-ready tools and listing main features and functionalities. Moreover, Artemis worked on the DANAOS Waves tool, specifying customization requirements to meet expectations of SMARTSHIP architecture design, and of course, she has provided contribution to D4.1.

On the other hand, Mr. Dimitrios Kaklis was seconded to Harokopio University for almost 6 months and his secondment was linked with 2 different tasks. Specifically, his work focuses on T6.2 (Validation) and ensuring that knowledge has been transferred in a bidirectional manner appropriately enough, so as to cater for the provision of a functional SmartShip framework. Also, he worked on T6.4 (Main pilot test & evaluation), on the demonstration and evaluation of the SmartShip framework through a pilot.

Both of them are very glad for providing such effort and have contributed to the aforementioned research and validation phases of the project.

We thank both secondees who have successfully implemented their secondments!